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Why content writers should be writing boring content

January 17, 2018
Why content writers should be writing boring content

Content writers should all be writing boring content, and they should all be searching for ways to make it interesting, says Michelle Jones, Rogerwilco’s head of content. She says for content writers, specialising in boring content sets them apart from their colleagues.

Everyone wants to write for the luxury car, liquor, and travel accounts. However, writing about road grading equipment and water purification is the kind of thing that gets you noticed. Writing about it well is the kind of thing that really gets attention.

You want your bosses to know they can rely on you, no matter the topic. It’s the kind of writing your colleagues wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. But you’ll be the first to raise your hand. You’ll find ways to spin words, phrases, and sentences that make those unsexy industries seem appealing.

Your target audience will be salivating at the opportunity to rip the packaging from their new grader and purifier, and your colleagues will be wondering why you’re getting so much face time with the boss.

If you’re one of those colleagues, here are three tips to creating interesting content in a boring industry:

Make it a story
Everyone loves a good story. If not, Hollywood wouldn’t exist. Find unique and interesting ways to tell the story. Maybe there’s something that’s happening within the company that you can write about. Perhaps there’s a new piece of equipment that could use a spot of attention.

There could even be a particular person working within the company who deserves some recognition. All of these ideas could be told in creative ways. After all, Steven Spielberg made a movie about a shark, which we never had a chance to see, and yet still scared the pants off of us. Now that’s effective storytelling.

Add some personality
The industry is boring. That doesn’t mean your content has to be. Use a fun, quirky, and maybe even cheeky tone when writing copy. Make sure it’s easy to understand. The reader should be entertained as well as informed. About half of the visitors to your website read your content for 15 seconds or less. You should be giving them a reason to stick around.

Make it simple
Yes, the industry is complicated, but you can do a better job of explaining it. Your copy doesn’t have to be filled with jargon. Your reader likely won’t be reaching for the thesaurus while reading your tweets, blog posts, and articles, so keep it simple.

There’s no reason to overcomplicate copy. Ever. There’s an effective method of conveying a message, which asks that you pretend to speak to a five-year-old child. That kid won’t understand complex words or ideas, and you shouldn’t expect your reader to do the same.

Answer questions
Sometimes these will be questions your audience knew they had, and sometimes these are the questions they didn’t even know to ask. Content should never be created at random.

By using content strategy, keyword research, and keyword planning tools, you should know exactly what visitors to your site and within your niche are searching for. Once you have that information, you can create content that resonates with your readers and encourages engagement, generates leads, and leads to customer acquisition.

Those should be the goals of every piece of content. So you had better strive to make the most of your possibly boring content.

*This article originally appeared on media update.

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