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Does binge-watching TV make us dumb?

Ask your friends what they did last night or over the weekend, and you’ll likely receive one answer: ‘Series,’ they’ll say, following up with a list of the new favourites or old classics they spent hours indulging in. Binge-watching is a fairly new phenomenon…

December 28, 2015

Till slips are choking the planet, but there is a solution

Think about how many times each day, each week, each month you’re given that tiny slip of paper which ends up crumpled up and tossed into the nearest rubbish bin. If you were to keep each of these slips you’d probably collect kilogram upon…

November 20, 2015

Tracking your kids online: An invasion of privacy or a necessity?

Terrifying stories of children being targeted online can drive parents to extreme measures. Tracking a child’s every online and offline move has become the norm in many circles. But what are the pros and cons? What factors should parents consider before choosing this somewhat…

August 24, 2015

Apple Music: How does it measure up so far?

It is apparent the introduction of Apple Music has not been all plain sailing. The world’s leading brand narrowly averted a public relations disaster after Taylor Swift questioned how exactly artists would be compensated during the free trial period in a determined letter made…

July 8, 2015

Robot ‘students’ are helping children learn to write

There’s no denying education in South Africa is in crisis. A massive intervention is needed to save generations of children from a hopeless future of chronic unemployment and reliance on an already overburdened state. That massive intervention could come in the form of tech.…

July 6, 2015

Brace yourself, laptop prices set to soar

Everything seems to be getting more expensive recently. The price of petrol and electricity has just been increased… again. And that’s just the beginning. Those two essential increases have a domino effect on most goods, with inevitable hikes in transport and food costs. Already…

July 3, 2015