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4 tips for new millennial leaders

February 9, 2017
Tips for new millennial leaders

Michelle Jones from digital marketing agency Rogerwilco, says soon millennials are not only going to make up the majority of the workforce – they’ll be the managers and leaders of the working world and it’s incredibly important then that this young generation knows how to lead. Here are here four tips on becoming a successful millennial leader.

You’ll need to be flexible in your communication style

It’s important that you realise you can’t communicate with every team member in the same way. You’ll need to figure out how people would like to be approached and speak to them in that way. Some team members will appreciate a gentle approach while others thrive on harsh feedback which immediately sets them on the right track. Be sure to change your style of communication to personally suit each team member. This is particularly important when you work with people who’re older than you are and struggle to accept young leaders. Remember, there are many different leadership styles, yours doesn’t have to fit neatly into one box.Ask for hard work from your team members and show them how it’s done

Your team members will naturally respect you as a leader when they see you demonstrate how it’s done. When you’re willing to get in there and get your hands dirty, they’ll truly begin to appreciate you. Encourage your team members to speak up, voice their concerns and tell you what they want. This will allow them to improve their own leadership skills. Be sure to show them you care and show them your compassionate side.

Give your fellow millennials what they want

Your team is going to be largely comprised of other millennials. And you know better than most that millennials typically want different benefits than previous generations. They aren’t all about the money. They want a balanced work and home life. They’ll appreciate flexi hours, international work experience, and increased time off in lieu of massive salaries.

Know when to speak up and when to keep quiet

Sometimes you’ll hear certain conversations happening around you and you’ll itch to get involved. But sometimes it’s better just to shut your mouth. You need to let your team speak, have fun and even bicker without your constant involvement. You are their leader, you are not their babysitter.

Both millennial leaders and workers are playing a different workplace game, they expect a different set of rules. Allow them to work by their own rules and you’ll soon start to see the benefit of their truly unique combination of dedication, enthusiasm and talent.

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